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The layers provide a detailed and holistic view of the geological, rural, environmental, and infrastructure scenario, consolidating valuable data on a single platform.

The Jazida interface allows users to intuitively activate and deactivate these layers, overlaying information for a more in-depth analysis. This integrated approach eliminates the need to consult multiple sources, providing significant efficiency in mining research, exploration, and process management. The layer functionality in Jazida not only simplifies but also enhances strategic decision-making, making it an essential tool for entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in the mineral sector.


The layers in Jazida simplify geospatial analysis, centralizing data such as mineral occurrences and environmental protection areas. Organized for easy access, they provide a clear and informed view, allowing efficient and sustainable decision-making in the mineral sector.

Mineral Phase: Prerequisite for Research Authorization | Exploration

Where to find: explore map module

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