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Draw Request


The "Draw Request Tool" tool meets the technical specifications of the ANM and allows users to draw georeferenced polygons on the map. These specifications include the accurate representation of the exploration area, with coordinates in true bearings and the use of the Sirgas 2000 system. After drawing, the tool allows the polygon to be exported in CSV, Shapefile, or Kmz formats, ensuring compliance with ANM standards for inclusion in the digital protocol for mineral exploration requests. This ensures accuracy and consistency in request submission, in accordance with regulatory standards established by the agency. 

Benefits: The "Draw Request Tool" facilitates the precise delineation of the mineral exploration area on the map, streamlining request preparation. By allowing export in standard formats, such as CSV and Shapefile, it provides efficiency and compliance with ANM standards, contributing to the effectiveness of the mineral exploration authorization process. 

Mining Phase: Mineral Exploration Authorization Request 

Where to find: Explore map module 

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