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By registering your processes in the Mining Module of the Deposit, you automatically activate a system of daily alerts, keeping you constantly informed about deadlines, pending issues, and crucial updates. With an intuitive graphical presentation and real-time updates, the Deposit provides a clear overview of all your mining processes. In addition, the automatic collection of information from government sources, such as the Mining Registry and the Federal Official Gazette, ensures that you are always up to date, while the advanced system security practices ensure the protection of your documents and data. 

Benefits: The Mining Module of the Deposit provides efficient and simplified management of mining activities. With the registration of processes, users receive daily email alerts, keeping them updated on deadlines, pending issues, and updates. The centralization of information from the Mining Registry, Federal Official Gazette, Electronic Information System (SEI), and Transparency Portal offers a comprehensive view, resulting in time savings in management, early notifications about legal obligations, quick results, and advanced data security. The predictive management dashboard complements the proactive approach, making this tool a comprehensive solution to enhance efficiency in mining process administration. Simplifying management, the Deposit allows you to focus on the essentials, optimizing monitoring and decision-making in your mining operations. 

Mining Phase: Research Request | Mineral Research | Mining Concession 

Where to find: Mining Module 

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