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Search and process consultation


The Jazida search provides an intuitive approach to locate mining processes. Through a search bar in the Explore Map module, users can search for various data, such as process number, company name, holder, technical responsible, CPF or CNPJ. The results are instantly plotted on the map, providing a clear and immediate visualization of the desired information. 

This functionality simplifies the search for specific areas, making the process agile and efficient. With the ability to adapt to user needs, this tool facilitates the analysis of business opportunities in the pre-mining research phase, providing a valuable contribution to entrepreneurs and industry professionals. 

Benefits: The simple Jazida search offers remarkable benefits, providing an efficient location of mining processes. By entering various data in the search bar, the tool provides instant results and map visualization, simplifying the identification of desired areas. This streamlines decision-making in the pre-mining research phase, being a practical and effective tool for entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in the sector. 

Mining Phase: Pre-authorization for research | Exploration 

Where to find: Explore Map Module 

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