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Perform automatic petitions


The functionality of "Automatic Petitions" in Jazida is an advanced tool that simplifies the process of creating petitions for the National Mining Agency (ANM). By making the interaction with ANM more efficient, the tool offers a variety of petition templates automatically filled with specific information from mining processes. This automation allows users, with just one click and minimal form filling, to generate petitions in PDF format in less than a minute. Furthermore, the tool ensures accuracy by automatically compiling process and applicant data, providing a swift and error-free solution for the bureaucratic procedure associated with mining.

Benefits: Jazida's "Automatic Petitions" tool offers an efficient and simplified experience in the management of mining processes. With the ability to generate PDF documents with just one click, it provides significant time savings, while its intuitive interface facilitates rapid information input. The automation eliminates common errors, ensuring the accuracy of the automatically compiled information. The variety of pre-filled templates, adaptable to various actions and deadlines, offers versatility. Additionally, the tool optimizes interaction with ANM, streamlining the creation of necessary documents for protocols. Its ease of use makes it accessible to users of different expertise levels, promoting more efficient management of mining documentation.

Mining Phase:

Where to find: Miner actions tab of the mining module.

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