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Upload of geospatial files


The upload of geospatial files in the Environmental Module of the Deposit is a feature that allows users to upload and associate spatial data, such as Shapefile (SHP) or Keyhole Markup Language (KMZ) files, with environmental and mining processes. By accessing the "Layers" tab or equivalent, users can select the desired file and link it to specific processes, establishing a direct relationship between geographic data and operational contexts. This tool enables the integrated visualization of impacted areas, facilitating the understanding of the geographic dimensions of operations. With this integration, users can efficiently analyze and monitor environmental conditions, deadlines, and obligations, promoting a more informed management in compliance with current environmental legislation. 

Benefits: The attachment of geospatial files in the Environmental Module of the Deposit offers efficient management by providing a clear geographic visualization of information related to environmental processes. This functionality allows centralization of geospatial data, contributing to a more efficient organization and a holistic understanding of operations. By linking these files to environmental processes, the platform offers an integrated approach, simplifying the administration of impacted areas, ensuring detailed documentation, and facilitating informed decision-making based on accurate geographic data. 

Mining Phase: final phase of mineral exploration and in the Mining Concession phase. 

Where to find: layers tab of the Environmental Module

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