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Link environmental processes to mining processes


The functionality of linking environmental processes to mining processes in the Deposit is a characteristic of the Environmental Module that allows users to directly associate specific environmental processes with corresponding mining processes. This linking creates a direct relationship between environmental activities and mining operations, offering an integrated and organized view in the system. 

When registering an environmental process in the Deposit, users have the option to indicate to which mining process that environmental process is related. This association provides significant benefits, such as integrated deadline management, clarity in environmental obligations associated with mining activities, simplification of audits, and facilitation of informed decision-making. 


Linking environmental processes to mining processes in the Deposit provides a comprehensive view of operations, allowing efficient management of deadlines, obligations, and conditions, reducing non-compliance risks. In addition, linking facilitates integrated analysis of environmental impacts, contributing to more informed decisions. Centralizing related documentation simplifies audits and inspections, while notifications ensure a proactive approach to managing licenses and processes, promoting legal compliance and operational sustainability. 

Mining Phase: Mining Concession 

Where to find: Environmental Module

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